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No not Ladder 49 (although that was a great movie), this is an actual documentary of what it is like to be a firefighter in the City of Baltimore Maryland.

The movie is titled 13 BOX and follows a group of fire fighters working in the west side of Baltimore.

Baltimore while having its issues (like most other places in america) is a great Fire Service host city, hosting the annual Firehouse EXPO. During this time the city opens its doors to Firemen nationwide and host several events.

I have to admit I love films like this! Sure movies like Backdraft, Ladder 49, and Towering Inferno are great for entertainment, but movies like Brotherhood, Still Riding, and shows like Firehouse USA, First In, and The Battalion show the REAL story of what we face as firefighters. Shows like Rescue Me and Third Watch in my opinion are purely for…

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